Law Seminar on "Lokpal In India-Issues and Challenges"  

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Jaipur, 4 Feb, 2012 Amity Law School (ALS), Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur had organized a National Seminar on “Lokpal in India: Issues and Challenges” on 4th February, 2012. Given the prevailing corruption in the Government, Lokpal, as a potent institution to eradicate corruption, has caught the imaginations of people. Hence, Lokpal today has become a buzz-word in India. However, institution of Lokpal raises a host of issues and challenges, i.e., whether institution of Lokpal will pose a challenge to Union Executive; what should be the safeguards to ensure that Lokpal itself should not fall prey to corruption? Whether Lokpal should be constitutional body or statutory body; independence of Judiciary vis-à-vis Lokpal; how to reconcile Lokpal with representative democracy in India?, among others.
 About 30 scholars have participated in Seminar, reflected upon these issues and challenges pertaining to Lokpal. Key Speakers include Prof. Vijayakumar, Vice-Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Law University, Chennai, Dr. Ambedkar, Prof. Ramesh K. Arora, Consultant, Centre for Good Governance (CGG), Dr. Rasheed Shaikh Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Pune, among others. Director Law department of Amity University Dr R M Dungawat welcomed delegates and participants across India. Prof Raj Singh, vice-chancellor, Amity University Rajasthan said the lokpal has given a new insight to corruption free world.

Road Safety Carnival in Amity  

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Jaipur, 22 Feb,2012Amity University, Rajasthan along with Muskan, NGO dedicated to promotion of traffic safety, organized a one-day event on Wednesday, February to highlight the need for traffic discipline. The spacious and verdant lawns of AU saw a colorful display of participants from various walks of life.
Children from many schools, including ones meant for orphans, joyously participated in activities like slogan writing, creation of posters and kite flying. There were song and dance events too. A nukkad natak (street play) was organized by MJMC II students.
The Chief Guest at the Road Safety Carnival was DCP Mr. Rohit Mahajan of Jaipur Traffic Police. Mrs. Mridul Bhasin of Muskan provided valuable support to the volunteers and to the staff of AUR. Another prominent guest was Mrs. Babli Purohit, president-Inner wheel, Rotary Club. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Raj Singh thanked the dignitaries and spread the message on road safety by stressing on the fact that too many lives are lost every year in Jaipur despite it not being a metro with acute traffic problems.
DCP Mahajan told the gathering that road safety was not merely connected with personal safety only. People have to follow traffic rules in consideration of the safety of all. Mrs. Bhasin said that today youth should take road safety as an integral part of our lives as we all are living in the world of traffic boom. In the end VC thanked everyone.
 The Chief Guest arriving at the carnival with hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
 Students showcasing a nukkad natak

Students performing Kalbeliya folk dance

Sciinnovation 2012  

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Jaipur, 5 Feb, 2012Sciinnovation, a word formed from two different words, Science and Innovation. It is to use some concepts of Science to create something innovative.
Sciinnovation’12 was the third session of Sciinnovation, after commencing from the year 2010. Sciinnovation’12 was a platform providing the innovative minds a chance to make their imaginations come true. The human brain has made impossible things possible. This is what forms the base of Sciinnovation’12.
“You Imagine, We Guide…
You Create, We Support…”
Sciinnovation’12 was a National Techno-Cultural Fest commencing from a Sixth Sense Robotics Workshop on February 01, 2012 and ending with a Closing Ceremony and a Prize Distribution on the eve of February 04, 2012.
The Sixth Sense Robotics Workshop was conducted by ARK Technosolutions, and started in the morning of February 01, 2012 and carried on till the evening of February 02, 2012. The duration of the workshop was of almost 16 hours. Teams were asked to register for the workshop in group of 5 members, and the registration fees for each team was Rs. 5995. 24 teams registered for the workshop and there were two single entries. The workshop gave the idea of Artificial Intelligence and showed the registered members the way of constructing and controlling a robot. The workshop generated an amount of Rs. 1, 46,000 and provided revenue of Rs. 36,600 to Sciinnovation’12. A team was selected as the meritorious team and was awarded the Merit Certificate.
The actual part of Sciinnovation’12 started on the eve of February 02, 2012 with an Inaugural Ceremony with the Chief Guest being the Additional Director of DRDO. The Inauguration Ceremony witnessed the Lamp Lightning with Saraswati Vandana, followed by the Amity Presentation by Mrs. Preeti Gupta and Initiation Presentation by the Student Coordinator, Manish Madhav. Then was the speech encapsulating the blessings for the success of the event by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Raj Singh and the message from the Chief Guest, Dr. Rajendra Singh announcing the commencement of Sciinnovation’12. With this, the Inauguration Ceremony came to an end.
Sciinnovation’12 started with a bang the very next day, with the first event being ‘The Lord of the Rings’, a name given to Robo-War. This event witnessed a lot of robots armed with different weapons, ready to devastate their enemy in the ring. After three exciting rounds of the event, ‘Team Saksham’ emerged as the winners of this event. Then the participants saw the events flooding towards them. Prayaas (Power Pont Presentation), Tectum (Bridge Formation) and Picasso (An Online Event of Photoshop) were scheduled in a single slot of time. After one hour of the commencement of these events, started the most awaited slot of ‘LAN GAMING’. FIFA 10 and TEKKEN 6 started and got an enormous response from the participants. After the closing of the second technical session, Sciinnovation’12 went ahead with its third technical session lined up, containing Prototype (Working Model Presentation) and Shaaswat (containing Paper and Poster Presentation). Then was the time for something creative and nontechnical, and event named MAD ART, starting its way along with Speed Preacher (NFS Most Wanted). But this was not the end of the day. It had the real suspense waiting when the Amity’s most loved band group ‘VED’ was on the stage performing in the Auditorium overflowing with the students. The evening and the third day of Sciinnovation’12 came to an end with the mind-blowing performances of Myth Busters and Impulse, the two local dance groups of Amity University Rajasthan.
The next and the last day of Sciinnovation’12 started with Road Crusher (Robo Hurdles Race). The excitement of the participants and the crowd were worth noticing. In parallel, were running Scrap (Junkyard Warz) and Face Painting. After this, there was a Lunch Break. Sciinnovation’12 again took off with five parallel events, all commencing at the same time. Code-O-Mania (Debugging), Simulation (Circuit Designing), Sudoku and Collateral Damage (Counter Strike) all running in parallel with an event named Treasure Hunt. The final slot of time saw the participants running here and there to be able to be a part of maximum number of events. The events ended and the crowd gathered in the Auditorium, all curious to know the results of their respective events. Prize Distribution started with a Classical Dance Performance by Genevieve. The meritorious teams were provided the Mementoes and the Merit Certificate and rest of the participants were provided the Certificate of Participation. Some winners were also awarded with some Cash Prize. The day and Sciinnovation’12 ended with a motivating speech by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Raj Singh and the Vote of Thanks by Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Neeraj Kumar.
Sciinnovation’12, a National Techno-Cultural Fest spanning four days in length was a great success.

Students receiving prizes for various events

Second Convocation Ceremony at Amity University Rajasthan  

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Jaipur, January 20th, 2012. Amity University Rajasthan organized its second Convocation Ceremony on 20th January 2012 in which 277 students of Graduate and Post- Graduate programs were awarded Degrees, Awards and Trophies. Doctorate Degrees were awarded to Advocate Rajeev Nayyar and Prof Samir K. Brahmachari – Director General, CSIR & Secretary to Govt. of India, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research by Shree Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University Rajasthan. Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity University Rajasthan graced the auspicious occasion.
Addressing the convocation, Dr. Chauhan said every country in the world will one day have a Amity campus and we will make India a superpower through education The vice-chancellor Dr Raj Singh said Amity is going to launch three research centers – for family business, green technology and water study.

The solemn ceremony started with a procession of Amity’s academic regalia comprising of office bearers of the University, Directors and Faculty Members, led by a band playing the traditional celebration song.

During the grand and spectacular Convocation students were awarded Best All Round Trophies, Gold Medals, Silver Medals and Bronze Medals for their outstanding performances in respective courses. Degrees were awarded to graduates from five institutes under Amity University Rajasthan.

The glittering ceremony was attended by students, parents and guardians, faculty members, staff members, corporate heads and officials of AUR

Hon'ble Founder President and Hon'ble Chancellor prsenting the Honory Degree toProf Samir K. Brahmachari – Director General, CSIR & Secretary to Govt. of India


Amity University Rajasthan organizes International Conference on “Green Biotech: Recent Trends & Innovations”  

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November 12th, 2011. The two-day International conference on “Green Biotech: Recent Trends & Innovations” was organized by Amity School of Biotechnology and Pharmanext at the sprawling campus of Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur.
The Chief Guest Prof (Dr.) Asis Datta, founder director of National Institute of Genome Research and former Vice Chancellor, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, spoke on “Dream to bring science to society.”
He apprised the audience of the status of genetically modified plants in India and the myths associated with it. His message to the youth was that “the road to success is always under construction”.
Dr V.P. Kamboj, Chairman Biotech Consortium of India ltd also explained as to how genetically engineered plants and microorganisms can improve food and health security in India and the world. The chancellor Mr Aseem Chauhan also expressed his belief that green biotech is the future.
Dr. Cristina Cruz from University of Lisbon & Portugal, who was the Keynote Speaker, highlighted the importance of Bio-fertilizers in food security.
Prof. Ajit Verma, Director General Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, Noida, spoke about the fungus Piriforma Indica, which was isolated from Thar Desert of Rajasthan. According to Dr Verma, the fungus has great potential for use as bio-fertilizer and Bio-pesticide as has been shown in field trials in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh & NCR.
Prof Raj Singh Vice Chancellor of Amity University Rajsathan, while welcoming the guests highlighted the importance of the conference in the contemporary scenario. Mr. Harish Pal, Editor in chief of Pharma Next, proposed the word of thanks.
                                         Dr.Asis Datta, Dr. Raj Singh & Dr.A.N. Pathak releasing the soveneiour
                                                     Dr.Cristina Cruz-FCUL, Portugal

Connexions- The official Launch of "Cine Feel" at Amity University Rajasthan.  

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October 10th, 2011. Amity School of Languages in association with Amity School of Communication organised "Connexions" an event to launch "Cinefeel" the multi lingual Cine Club of Amity University Rajasthan. Dr. Rajendra Padture Head of Department - European Languages, Rajasthan University was the cheif guest for the ceremony. The objective of the club is to impart practical learning of various languages among students and to introduce them with the culture of different countries through the cinema.

Various Songs and Acts were  performed by the students of Amity University Rajasthan in various languages. Cheif Guest Dr. Rajendra Padture appreciated the effort made by the students in performing songs and acts in foreign languages and was impressed with initiative taken by Amity University Rajasthan for introducing a brand new pedagogy in the feild of Language learning.

 Prof Dr. Raj Singh Hon'ble Vice- Chancellor Amity University Rajasthan also congratulated students for the hillarious performances and threw light on the importance of cinema in cultural exchange and language learning.

On 13th October 2011 the first movie of the club "La Grand Voudraille" will be premiered at 5.30 pm at AUR Campus.


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By: Romi Singh

Time doesn't wait for u
nor for me..
Days pass and years go by..
we miss our loved ones.
we move away from our close ones.

As our life changes so do our dreams and priorities. Friends change ..people and places do get changed.But those red and blue moments are still twinkling in our hearts .Making us happy in sad times ..and sometimes sad in happy times.As we all know that the wheel of life is tied with so many strings from friends to family..from child games to school hours from college days to work hours and as of a trend of this modern world yours girlfriend silly long talks and frequent fights...Personal space is somewhere a bit lost isn't it?

I find my hours and days too short too explore the world and discover its short to seize my golden moments with my close short to walk and touch the glittering dreams of my life.

I am not so grown up and nor so wise enough but yet can watch and hear the TIME marching in its own rhythm. My MOTHER NATURE losing its greenery day by day and the empty spaces filling up with black and white cattle .The world loosing its glory and each day crime coming up with a new story..Bonds and emotion in all hearts and soul have gone dried fetching for just love and trust to quench their thirst .Words have turn into swords and people ready to play with each other blood just for foolish ego and revenge have gone so wild and behaving like a silly child.

If i my whisper is loud enough and if i am able to touch all my readers wandering thoughts all i wanna say is that life is too short to be wasted on unworthy matters . Discover your own self and get yourself free from this tug of war of time..Don't get so much trapped in this materialistic noisy world that you are not even able to see the shadow of thou's walk of life..Wait ..Watch and Enjoy ..before the glass of time gets empty from your life.